Saturday, March 10, 2007


Colours can male you happy,help you sleep n even help u lose weight...Choose yout fave and most hated colour scheme for your bedroom, we'll tell u wat ur choices say about you!

favourite: you loe the countryside. Green is a good choice if u live in the city without much greenery around. You'd get a good night's sleep as green is the most restful colour in the spectrum.
Most hated : You pride yourself in always being one step ahead of the crowd.

favourite : Not only are you sexy and confident, you care passionately about those you love. Choosing red for a bedroom could mean a lot of sleepless nights. People with heart condition should apply caution when using red, but it can be great for anyone suffering from anemia.
Most hated : You hate being the centre of attention and can be a loner at times.

favourite : Watch the intensity of yellow as it can make you irritable. Your special gift is communication, and your idea of heaven is yakking away on the phone while watching telly at the same time.
Most hated : You want people to take you as they find you and can't be bothered with airs and graces.

favourite : You're friendly, loving and popular.
Most hated : You like to hide your feelings from those closest to you. Ooh, you're a bit of a mystery...

favourite : Your bedroom will benefit from its calming presence, You've got lots of friends and will always listen to other people's problems..
Most hated : You're a natural leader and, dare we say it, a bit bossy!

favourite : You're in tune with your spiritual side and completely out of touch with reality..
Most hated : You are innerved by the supernatural..Anything spooky ca freak you out...

favourite : A sterile atmosphere is created by an all-white decor and provides little stimulation for the senses. You are straightforward and organised but can be uptight. Your logical mind loves technologym but add natural elements you your room, lke pebbles and shells, to avoid it looking like a science lab!
Most hated: You're easily bored and can't s
it for one moment.

i think is quite true...wat is my choices?

my favourite : blue ,violet (my room is all blue!!!)
my most hated : red , pink