Tuesday, July 20, 2010

one week in INDIA

It has been one week since I've reached here,the foreign land...
personally I feel that I am kinda "very healthy person" hahahahaaha~!!!
while my friend all suffer from diarrhoea and cold..I am one of the few healthy one~ LOLOL~
okay,my point is when you reached a foreign place, you body immune system need time to "adjust" too, so take good care of yourself~

next point, shaking shaking of head is truly their habits and their culture already...so,just take time to adjust and get use to it...yes => shake ; no=> also shake...

无奈也...唯有接受, 习惯也...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things to know about India

1. I can’t find body shampoo in liquid form here, I could only found soap bar.

2. I can’t find book-end here

3. I can’t find test pad here, I could only found long notebooks (like our buku biru that kind)

4. I can’t find green tea here.

5. Plastic stuff is super expensive, eg: one waste-paper-basket-size pail cost Rs 100, a medium size pail cost Rs130 ; clothes hanger in 6 cost about Rs45-75.

6. Clothes hanger rack, a metal one(but get rusty easily) cost Rs600-700, a stainless steel one can cost up to Rs1350, I choose a hollow stainless steel kind which cost Rs1100..

7. There’ll be all kind of “admission fee” that we need to pay…

8. Ask from your senior how much is the hostel fee, hostel fee tends to increase every year.

9. Your senior will be your “saviour” in foreign country, ask for info about lecturers, exam style, recommended books, where to find food, where to buy stuff, where to buy books, how to call auto, how to bargain, how much is the normal rate of transportation, and about tempe and pisang goreng (you will know what this means)

10. When you guys arrived here, the climate is quite cooling and kinda chilling at night..bring tracksuits, jackets..wear socks while sleeping..better don’t get sick first few days, it’s gonna make you more miserable and make you homesick miserably…

11. Personally I feel that cash is quite important when you come to a foreign country, but do not bring too much cash with you too.

12. Help out each other is important.

13. Learn some Hindi and Kannada will be really helpful. Your local friends in campus can speak English without problem, but when you go outside the campus…that’s when you really need them.

14. Get used to “ke-tidak-stabil-an voltage” seriously.

15. Things in India is NOT CHEAP at all..Cost of living in India is NOT THAT LOW…Most of the stuff is almost the same price or even more expensive than our country..moreover, most of the things that you usually use in our country is difficult to find here…People back in Malaysia, your perception about India is TOTALLY WRONG.

16. Get used to the way they drive and they horn..

17. Get used to the cows crossing road and their “Gold”

18. Fruits here is expensive,eg: apples 120/125/130 per kg, oranges 110 per kg…

19. Get used to the spices they use to cook. No green leafy vege so far…normally you’ll see some dunno what bean, or some dunno what brinjal-like vege…even if it’s brinjal, it looks either yellow/red/orange…However, I personally feel that their dahl is good.

20. Be careful of what you eat and drink..Most of the guys of my batch already down with diarrhoea…Girls still very very healthy~!! LOLOL (just few of us caught a cold)

21. There is no case meragut here~ so, your handbag is SAFE here~!!!

22. Be alert all the times, don't get cheated~!!! This is important...

That’s all I can think of so far~

gonna update you people soon~!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010



okay..let me summarise my trip to India:



Reached KLIA around 5++pm, kinda early, but many KLE-ians were there already…had dinner, take pictures with families, checked in luggage (my check in luggage was only 20.7kg~!!!!!!!!!! haha, very light right~) after that camwhore session with families too~ hahaha…Keshan, Beh, and Selvan were there too!!! then, is the time where the officers gave us some short briefing..after that, 5 minutes to say goodbye to your beloved family..get your passport, boarding pass >> immigration/ custom…then walked really long way to the boarding gate…okay, next thing you realise is “eh,I’m on the plane heading to Bangalore~!!!! AHHHHHH~!!!!” the whole 3.5 hours flight was okay, MAS meal(curry chicken, curry cauliflower, salad, yogurt etc etc…) was quite nice actually..It’s gonna be a very sumptuous supper~ hahaha~ well, we experience quite/ a lot of turbulence..especially when we are reaching India…

Now, the plane is landing…and the next thing you realise is “ I AM STEPPING ON INDIA’S LAND ALREADY~!!!!!” YOU MAY CRY IN KLIA, YOUR TEARS MAY FLOOD KLIA, BUT YOU WILL DEFINITELY FEEL THE EXCITEMENT WHEN YOU HAVE REACH INDIA~!!!!!!!!!! ( I personally guarantee this… ^^ )


After all the immigration procedures, you start to learn to listen to *very difficult to understand* English..We put up a night in Presidency Hotel..The road from Bangalore International Airport is NICE~ just like our highway road~ forget to mention that when we reach Bangalore, it was raining there~ you’ll get on a bus and go to the hotel..they’ll be Indian driver helping you for the luggage, Don’t worry~


\ P7120071 P7120072

that night, you’ll be damn tired, so sleep tight~ have a good night rest for next day’s morning flight~!


wake up early in the morning for 8am flight from Bangalore to Hubli..during the breakfast in the hotel, I experienced the first “ke-tidak-stabil-an voltage” ~!!! understand what I mean? hehehe…just for a few seconds lah…on the way to the airport, notice their bump because it’s different from Malaysia~ ^^


, from my opinion) SO, overweight a little bit is still acceptable..(don’t lah overweight until 30kg because they might charge you extra for the overweight, one more thing is the plane might be overweight which is very dangerous so some of the “unlucky” luggage will be chose and send via CAR) Imagine from BANGALORE to HUBLI, it takes 12 hours for your baggage to reach..so,how are you gonna live through that night?


there will be signboard “for ladies”, so line up in that line~ just get your mind clear and follow the airport instrictions..

While getting our laptop bag to be scanned, just follow the officer’s instruction..they’ll ask you to take out your laptop from the bag, put in another plastic container to be scanned…and some of us “kena” this oso.after the scan, some bags “didn’t pass”, the officers ask them to TAKE OUT EVERYTHING from the bag, put in the plastic container and both the empty bag + plastic container going to the scanner again~ baru boleh pass..

then, after boarding at the gate, you’ll take a shuttle bus to the plane!!! and then ENJOY YOUR FLIGHT~!!! *there will complimentary snacks provided also*

P7120076 P7120077 P7120081 P7120086P7120085

Kingfisher plane is kinda small, (but more comfortable to sleep than MAS!)


saw this interesting page in one of the magazine on the flight to Hubli..HAHAHAHA


P7120093 P7120095 P7120097 which is a small small airport…you go in and you’ll see the exit right in front of you..anyway, the KLE College Bus is already waiting for us there..is like our Primary School bus that kind..hahaha~ and it’s open air..but DON’T WORRY FOR THE WEATHER… as it’s around monsoon season, so, weather is quite FINE, not very hot so far..



I really felt their hospitality..they gave us chocolates, sweets..and keep asking us whether are we hungry or not..they even brought us to a nice hotel for “brunch” which is DHOSAI~~~ and you will soon get used to the HORNS and the TRAFFIC~

P7130103 this is the sweets that they “chia” us makan~

P7130110 this car is driving AGAINST the traffic!!! (but cant see from this picture..)

after that, the 2 hour journey from HUBLI to BELGAUM in a open air school bus STARTED~!!! notice their plaza tol..it’s special…notice their LORRY, it’s so colourfull~!!!

P7130112 P7130113

(right) this one look more decent one…

P7130114 our baggage behind the bus..

okay, the hightway road was OKAY, not so bumpy as I imagine..and along the way from Hubli to Belgaum, it’s not so polluted, many plantation field..so, open air bus is not a problem.. and this part of the journey is very “meng-sleepy-kan”..hahaha~ i can even sleep better than in MAS~!!!

P7130115 P7130117

some of the views along the bus ride..

REACHED KLE UNIVERSITY *oh ya, we passed by Dharwad also, it looks like a very GREEN place, not much pollution~*

When a building written J.N MEDICAL COLLEGE is seen..means you’ve reached KLE UNIVERSITY~!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo~ on the right hand side of the main entrance is V.K. INSTITURE OF DENTAL SCIENC, on the left hand side area is the J.N MEDICAL COLLEGE~!!!!!!!!!!




Within this university campus, you can find Mini mart(sells a lot of daily stuff,not much worries about that) , Cafe(yet to try that), Book shop (sells books of course and vodafone sim card), Bank, Western Union, Library (both medical and dental library,providing Xerox service which means fotostat lah~ 5 paise per page) , Dobi (yet to find out) , and in campus hostel~ and mess is the hostel food provider…


this is the in campus hostel for ladies~!!! ~Akkamahadevi Ladies Hostel~


(left) view from first floor (right) when we first enter our room~!!!!!!

14072010 P7130130

after clean up, it became a cosy space of my own~ on the left, closer look on my study table~

14072010(002) 14072010(003)

almost forgot about the toilet…IT’S WAY BETTER THAN OUR COLLEGE~ there’s water heater too~!!! every morning, there’ll be “bai”, those Indian ladies help us to clean the toilet, and collect our laundry; every evening, there’ll be another “bai” coming to clean our room, throw the rubbish!!! Of course, you just need to pay them 100 rupees per month..

END OF 13 JULY 2010

It has been a long long day…the journey from KL-BLGR-HBL is tiring enough and need to clean up the room,unpack the luggage and parcel…it’s time to have a really really good sleep…

# Don’t think 2.5 hours of time difference doesn’t make much difference..(well,maybe on somebody this really doesn’t make much difference) but not on me…on the first 2 days, my body clock tells the brain “oh, it should be around 11-12 something now” but look at the watch “eh, it’s only 9 o’clock” (well, maybe that’s because of lacking of rest also)

# SERIOUSLY, India is not that hot now…In fact, even it’s afternoon 2pm, the wind that blow is NICE COOL BREEZE~!!!!!!!!!!! (not as cold as Genting yet lah,it’s nice) At night, it’s even chilling~ so, to all my friends who will be flying sooner or later, you may consider to bring few pairs of long pants and jacket.

# they’ll give you sweets when they don’t have small change..

# plasticware is kinda expensive..I bought one dustbin—100Rps…(divide by 13,you get the RM)

that’s all I can think of by now..

will update soon~!!!

check out facebook photo album for more information!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bye Malaysia


Tomorrow…Tomorrow…Oh Tomorrow…

nothing else better things to say…


真想大哭一下, 心里有块情绪的包袱...压抑着真的很辛苦…

想哭就哭吧, 眼泪流干了, 明天就不会流了...哭完就笑着迎接挑战吧~!!!!!!!

勇气 + 胆量 + 决心 + 坚持 = 加油

" I look forward to it and yet I dread it. I’m reluctant to go and yet I’m willing. I’m afraid to leave the comfort of home yet I know its time to be independent. I’m rearing to start studying medicine and yet I worry. I do not want to leave Malaysia and yet I want to. I want to be a doctor and yet I’m afraid to.”




离开家里,出国留学,去经历文化冲击,去体验外国的生活,去经历困难,然后跨过阻碍,这是我从中学时的梦想,是我的目标,我就要可以经历了,我很兴奋~ 我很紧张~ 我也很期待~ 我在这个时候竟然也感到害怕,害怕离开家里,害怕外头的不确定…

" 朝理想出发、前进、克服种种困难。想哭就哭,哭完了就笑。





Friday, July 09, 2010


是的,没错,电影在Malaysia上映的第一天,我就去看了...看完了..感觉就是:“Edward是真的很帅啦~ 真的很迷人啦~”必须声明我并没有读这个series 的故事书啦, 但是各位Twilight 的粉丝们请不要打我...我真的还是觉得这个故事很....很.....没有意义...


哪,那位Bella 小姐也真是的,明明就是一个人类嘛...为什么她一定要behave得不像人类叻?偏偏要去喜欢一个不是人也不是鬼的东西(叫做吸血鬼/僵尸)还认识一个不是人也不是动物的人狼/ 狼人...真是的…(而且不是一个,还是一群吸血鬼,一群人狼)

然后叻,偏偏又有另外一些吸血鬼(我是说Victoria and the gang) 偏偏非要吸到Bella小姐的血不可…非要之她于死地不可...真是的...那边还有酱多人类,做么一定要喝她的血叻? 又不是说像西游记的唐三藏的肉, 吃了会长生不老...我懂你是要报仇啦..aiyo…不累么? 哈哈哈..

基本上整个storyline 就是, 2男(还是2只雄性怪物?) 争1女, 女的又不确定自己的心意, 偏偏这位女的 (可能血很甜,还是有喝了会长生不老的血,) 很容易"吸引"很多危机...2 男又必须肩负起 "英雄救美" 的 "伟大"责任…就是酱咯...

对,那天,后面有一群中学的小妹妹...当Jacob一出场...(由于狼人/人狼的体温比普通人高, 所以这位帅哥的戏份多半是光着上半身的, 露出他的 6 packs )后面那群小妹妹是激动到~~~~ 我很想笑...

EclipseMeadow不知道这一幕,在花田的这一幕是在哪里拍的叻… 风景真的很漂亮~~~ 好啦, 不要讲我把故事评的一文不值,erm erm erm erm... Edward 是蛮帅的啦, Jacob 也超有身材的啦~


Friday, July 02, 2010

The History…The Evolution…迈入20大关!!!

Soon, I am going to be officially 20 years old ( but forever 18 in my heart!!!) ;

Soon, I am going to step into a whole new chapter of my life ;

Soon, I am going to experience a totally different studying environment, which is a rare chance for me ;

Soon, I am going to learn a whole new stuff about my future career ;

Soon, I am gonna explore the country of colours and culture — INDIA ;



通常快到生日时,人会变得有一点EMO  <哪里有…哈哈哈哈哈哈!!!>

无聊无聊一下,翻翻旧的相簿,看看我从一个tiny tiny 的宝宝,慢慢成长~ 顺便感叹一下,人类的奥妙,竟然可以从这么小一个,长成这么高~~

11062010(003) baby


I “scanned” through all my baby’s pictures…found the top 2 pictures  are the cutest >.<

其实啦...老实话... 我个人觉得啦, 我小时候还蛮可爱的叻... ( 原谅我的不要脸 LOL )  只是不明白为什么小时候拍照喜欢吐舌头

P6240001 P6240009

大概是我1 /2 / 3 岁时期的模样吧...


P6240002   P6240004    P6240010

茁壮成长.. 6 - 9 岁的阶段...

( 慢慢开始进入" 不堪回首 " 之阶段,看下去就会明白什么叫" 不堪回首")

P6240011    P6240005


其实,这两张照片是" 不堪回首" 时期中比较、稍微可以见的人的照片...还有很多是真的很恐怖... 我自己都很怀疑, 那个时期的我为什么会选戴那样的眼镜啦、为什么会剪这样的头发啦、为什么会把衣服这样穿啦、为什么把袜子拉的这么这么高啦等等, 很多很多很奇怪的问题... 还有,这段就叫做--"不堪回首part 1"…还有part 2 的咯…


PC280060form 2

14-15 years old… (不堪回首part 2) 不知道为什么,忽然把头发剪得很短...

14 yrs old PB020012  

15 yrs oldssi prom night chiang mai 048


DSCN08990019  DSCN10690124  

认识了这群PLKN gang…开始慢慢认识世界~

DSC00499   then,here goes the KTT first picture…

**  let’s skipped all the camwhore-ing in KTT, there’re toooooo many pictures **


P6240013 edit 3 

拍passport size picture 一直都是我的噩梦...hahahahaha…向来从来都没有拍过一张像样的照片...每次拿到passport 照片,都觉得可以拿来挡鬼、当"门神"来贴… 在我加字体时...我可是犹豫了很久到底要不要把我的脸给打马赛克...最后本人决定勇敢面对历史 "凡走过必留下痕迹" 勇敢面对以前那曾经幼稚的, 青涩的, errrr…. 恐怖的...有的没的等等...的自己!

翻完相簿后, 想对20岁的自己说, 只要面带微笑, 世界都是微笑的! 只要对自己有自信, 正向, 积极,笑容自然也是很开朗的! 记住, 有自信的人是最有魅力的! 还有, 你是否已做好准备迎接新生活了呢?

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart .
- Helen Keller


平平安安活了20个年头...我很感恩...有疼我的家人, 有支持我的朋友们, 也有很尽责的师长们...已经是我的福气...感恩!