Saturday, January 31, 2009

chinese new year

these are the 2009 CNY advertisements..although I seldom (or never) watch RTM programmes...I still like petronas advertisements!
every year,their advertisements are so touching and meaningful...
can cry ah~

Chinese new year is not just another holiday, it's a time to get reunion with your family...

Friday, January 30, 2009

same survey again?

actually i did this so called survey before...dunno the ans is exactly the same or not?

what time is it? : 30 jan2009 12.32am

you full name?: Tan Sylvia 陈思玮
whose song are you listening to?: nope,but was watching TLN rewind~
where do u study/work? : Kay Tee Tee
what is your last meal? : dinner,plus peanut cookies~
how the whether?: erm,it's midnight now...and it's not raining,so can I say it's "cerah"?
wearing contact lens?: wanted to!! probably next yr,when i leave ktt..
number of candles that you blew last time:18
when did you blow the candles normally : that time i blew candles was not my bday wor~
any pets?: fish...but is not MINE...
your siblings and their age: 2 brothers,1611
you pupils is : black in colour!
tatoo?: no such things...
like the way you live now?: erm...let me think ya...
place of birth : JB
living in? : live in JB as well as sepang...

liquor? : yes,VODKA!(a few sips only ok?!) red wine! tiger beer!
覺得自己花心嗎: no
encounter any accidents before: ya, by a BUS some more! luckily we survived~
暗戀過人嗎:ehem,why should I tell you?
不敢跟人告白嗎: ehem...
favourite food?: forever delicious,mouth watering home cooked dishes,new year cookies also not bad ya..
favourite drinks?: a lot...very hard to list down~
fovourite colour: blue,purple,white

favourite movies:err....
favourite cartoons/: err...
最懷念的日子:secondary schools...
最傷心的日子: erm...
favourite flowers : erm...dont long as it's pretty then ok lor~
最怕遇到的人: 八字不合的人
favourite sports: sports is not my stuff...
favourite ice cream flavour: as long as it's not strawberry flavour..
最怕什麼東西: BIG insects (in ktt) and i scared myself too,sometimes
favourite TV channels: channel 5,channel 8,channel U,channelnewsasia
如果有來世,你最想當: 随缘

討厭做的事: when people force me to do what i dont like to do
討厭別人做什麼: when people kacau me at the not-right time
擅長的事: don't know
上次上醫院是什麼時候: last new year...when my granpa was lying in the ICU
以後想做什麼職業: dentist (没有想不想了!)
你覺得自己十年後會在哪裡:10 years later...should be working...hopefully in JB =D
無聊的時候你大多做些什麼: erm,go online,sleep,tv!
世上最惱人的事 : 不如意的时候
全世界最好的事:when everything will go according to my wishes!
目前有男(女)友嗎:nope. not now
沒把握的事情態度如何:call my mum...she will definitely help me! and try to convince myself to be more confident!
如果有人誤會你,又不聽你的解釋:explain...but whether the other party wants to believe or not,it's not up to my choice...let the time heals everything
有想過要怎麼對付你討厭的人嗎: ya,i should starting thinking now~hehehe
你認為你的另一半幫你付錢是理所當然的嗎:erm....not really
現在心裡最想念的人是誰:no one!
要幾歲結婚: 随缘,说不定不嫁叻...who knows,right?
今天心情好嗎:not bad =)
有想過要自殺嗎:no such things!
希望誰回信: you! yes.,the one reading this post! it's you!

erm,i lazy to translate into english lah~
the bored person sign off~ ciaoz~

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

不懂要update 什么

很久很久没有update blog...
my blog grew a lot of spider web lor~
其实之前都要把心情type起来。。。只是,不想把他们post 出来。。。

okay,back to the topic....
erm, these few days, 拜年拜年咯,红包红包咯,makan makan makan 咯。。。
讲到吃,这几天,从除夕开始,就没有饿到!!until this moment,i m still FULL~饱啊~
从年夜饭,鱼生,无数片ba gua 肉干,n 个黄梨酥,n 个蛋卷,n 个花生饼 and all kinds of 新年饼!!一个字-饱!

不过,这就是回家的感觉嘛,永远不会有“饿”的感觉,24 hours feeling FULL~满足~嘻!

不管怎样,今年是个读书年!我会用功把头埋在书堆里的!因为我有自知之明,别人读1次就会了,本人要读5次才会!就算要做一只乌龟,也要做个永不放弃的乌龟,不怕慢只怕站的乌龟!加油!3月4月一场考试,5月6月另外一场大战!接下来,就是有很多场war 等我去打!勇闯战场吧!

不会忘记,新年快乐!XIN NIAN KUAI LE! happy MOO year!

Saturday, January 03, 2009


I am back~ 本人从印尼回来啦~
ermm,lazy to talk about the detalis...let the pictures do the talking~
ready....get set~let's start!!

in the plane....can you see the signatures?!
whose signatures??

下了飞机,first stop, jogjakarta~

the famous Candi Borobudur!!

green green sawah padi..

and then, went to a candi...(i forgot what's the name..) and there's some ceremony going on!!
get to know more about a different culture~


next stop, pulau bali~
the famous temple in the sea!-- Tanah Lot

perfect place to see the sunset~

and also, the WAVES

a closer look...

your horn shouldnt be too loud! maximum,45dB...

volcanoe!! gunung kintamani!

look like mr bean isn't it!

safari and marine park in pulau bali

and last day..on the way to airport on 31 dec...
we saw...this!! JB SCHOOL!!

hahaha~ "JB"does not stand for johor stands for Jembatan Budaya!

okay..that's all about my indon trip!!

tomorrow will be back to ktt again, and 2 weeks later...another exam is awaiting me... T.T
要开始努力读书了,有AS,有A2 等着我啊!!! 马拉松读书就要开始了!!!
(sigh.考到几时才会完?!!2009 年,你跟我快快过去!!)
yes,A level 3 A's!! must!!

让我先拜个很早很早的年!!! GONG XI FA CAI~~ myspace graphic comments
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