Monday, February 16, 2009

again...crisis looms as taps run dry


Ripley’s believe it or not

Believe me or not, yesterday there was a sesat bat flew into my apartment!!!!!!

My god~ at first thought, I thought it’s a super big moth… no,it doesn’t look like a moth,it looks like a bird,a swallow or,IT’S A BAT!!!!!!!!!!!!


I saw that batman flew here and there,hit the ceiling,and got hit by the fan *piak* pain ah~




As for exam results…a bit dissatisfied…and miss affera told us “to those who struggle and still cannot score,jgn give up”….is she telling me?

I did all the past years and almost all the question from redspot…but still…I didn’t get the results that I want…


本人survive 了本班的世界第三次大战。。。

详情,本人不想再提了是很sensitive issue, 讲了,搞不好被捉算了!



得做phy assignment…结果就是我们四个“中中”“有potential 的女生最后还是stick in one group which means自己保重。。。友族们都跑掉。。。以后所有的group study就靠我们了!never mind,自己保重就自己保重。。。

People say “三个臭皮匠胜过一个诸葛亮!我们四个中中又有点potential,总该胜过一个很厉害的!!哈哈!!我们拼死拼活都要拼个top in the world 给你看!


CNY night had over…quite a success =D go back only I upload all the photos =D


And. again…drought in sepang area since Saturday!! Tell u, I haven’t bath since Sunday!!! wahahaha!!! I am so lucky!!!!! I don’t understand, why the water pipe or pipes in sepang is/are so fragile!!! Must they burst every few months??!!! I don’t understand!!!! 去死啦!什么鬼syabas?! It’s not syabas at all!!! yesterday I was still so calm, hoping the water supply would resume by midnight…but today my hope crush when I woke up and turn on the tap…hoping for some dripping water…and as expected, NONE!!!!! *CRY*

Moreover,they kept cheating us… on Saturday,they say,will resume water supply on Sunday 4pm,then,change their words, say 8pm, and then, say 12am…and then until this morning, NO!!!!! *ARGH*


Half an hour ago, the water tanker was here…carried 3 pails of water all the way to tangga 3 and up to my apartment….finally I get to bath!! Ahhhh~~~ I am clean now! 我终于干净了!! by the way, 叫我大力士!!! Got muscles already(右手正酸着~)


I remember what datin said in her speech during CNY night “…bla bla bla....pelajar jangan lupa KTT…bla bla bla…”ehem, this place… it’s really really “unforgettable” lor~ 这是我最想忘记,但又最忘不了的地方。。。

sigh, saw my mum's sms...she say:" after this,u will be very strong..."

yes,indeed it's true...