Wednesday, November 25, 2009


有时候真的不明白,我们的TNB 到底在搞什么。。今天一天里面竟然可以停电2次!! 这一年来大大小小的停电加起来应该有超过10次了吧!TNB 知不知道停电对一个国家损失很大!!商家不能做生意,餐馆不能营业,唯一销售额增加的就是蜡烛。。。讽刺的是当所有住宅区都停电,唯独TNB建筑有电!哈哈!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KTT Graduation Night


I’ve finally,officially graduate from KTT A level programme…and the graduation night was really a great one!! it’s really a night to remember!! KTT-ians see you guys next year!! miss u guys!!!

I had a great 1.5 years in the lost area somewhere in Sepang,Selangor…thx for all the memories!!! remember the bukit, the mamak cafe,the cute mamak cafe brother, the cute Ms Aini, the Futsal Mr Addie,the serious Ms Suriani, the full of actions Mr Zaini etc etc~ though the college location is not really strategic, but we had fun throughout the whole 1.5 year!! we go shopping and walk until we really really DROP, go port dickson and weekly meeting with CF members, enjoy the activities held by ICS and of course wouldn’t forget the newly formed KTT Buddhist Society…Juniors! GAMBATEH~

ooh,goona miss everyone~ dun worry,we’ll see each other next year!! until then,goodbye~