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Saturday, April 18, 2009

dai yang tian 25 

dai yang tian 27



(我也不知道要blog 写什么了,看着个blog 将会hibernate 很久,放个post也好~~)




Friday, April 17, 2009

Mauritius 真美!

Mauritius will enchant you, will uplift your soul~mauritius_residence_beach_01



oh my god!! Mauritius is so beautiful~ It’s fascinating island~a paradise!!

cabalt-blue seas, white soft sandy beaches, luxury hotels~

cultural diversity,limitless activities~


世界那么大,也介绍了Coco Island 这个岛。。。then, after i searched online, rupa-rupanya, Coco Island s is recognized today as one the world's largest uninhabited island and, to many, the most beautiful as well as one of the last truly wild places in nature. It has been granted UNESCO World Heritage status because of the quantity of marine life to be found in its vicinity.

Taken on the shore of Coco Island Mauritius

Taken on the beach at Coco Island which is just off east coast of Mauritius

COCO ISLAND (TREASURE ISLAND) is truly an ocean oasis~


喜欢看旅游节目,自己没得去,看节目,imagine 自己去过~也爽。。。哈哈~ 如果我是空姐,或者pilot 就好,就可以到处走,完成自己的梦!!有一天,我一定要尝试做个backpacker! 背包旅行!

(照片都是online 找到的!本人可没去过!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


今天是14号了,天啊! 14号了!! 距离AS就剩1个月!准准一个月!! 5月14号就是第一张paper了!!!




Tuesday, April 07, 2009

finally,that's one update

flo...forgive me for no updates..since the last blog,i've been busy about the FESCOTT( festival sukan kolej teknologi timur) (college level edi still got hari sukan,well, erm, not really that busy for FESCOTT though) and busy STUDYing for the pre AS...(but after finish most of the papers, i feel xin hui yi leng)

ah wen, i oso very scared when i blog in english...i know my level of english is not that good...
but the computer in library dosn't have chinese,no choice,i have to try to express my feelings in english with A LOT OF grammar problemsss..

sshyan..let's strive our best together!!! i really really very very very scared of paper 3 lor...
seriously,i wonder how many lab practice have other college's A level students done..guess how many biology lab i've done so far(almost 11 months at ktt)....yup,only 5 practices..(and i sat for the paper last week edi) and i've done 6 physics lab practices only (and i already sat for the paper today,just now ,erm, an hour ago...)
left one more chemistry paper 3(on thursday..)

after this,i am GOING HOME! hooray!!( This holiday is another "informal-self-created" holiday..wakaka)

and yiwen, i saw ur facebook,SERIOUSLY, when did ah sang(the taiwanese singer) pass away?WHY? T.T
oh my god, i've been SO SO SO outdated!!! (I didn't online since last updates,and rarely read newspaper oso... cham lah)
(at least i know Malaysia PM change people edi...i found out one day later even such big news)
cham lah...going to be orang hutan liao lah...

ok, go back i must,seriously MUST update myself with all the current news!!! I can't stand the super outdated, all-about-books and exams, no-connection-with-the-world-outside-life like this!!!

and tell me how to study/prepare for chemistry paper 3?