Tuesday, March 17, 2009

study mode

okay...this time really really seriously very seriously..need to switch to study mode...
pre AS in 2 weeks time (in fact is actually less than 2 weeks)
AS in 2 months time (In fact is less than 2 months )
argh~where is the study mood?!
come back my study mood...
online at library now, the purpose i came to library today..ehem,should be study..but instead,i come here online pula...
ok..must meng-ciao-kan diri from the computer liao!!

wish me luck!!
it's time to become nerdy!!

and BEST-est luck to all of them who are going to sit for pre A2,A2, matriks final exam...and whatever examssss~



Friday, March 13, 2009


first of all,CONGRATULATION to those who have done well in stpm and spm!!!
when xueqi told me that SSI got a super flying colour result for SPM, 29 straight A1 and 30 straight A's!! I was too shocked to believe this!!! seriously!!! this could probably be the BEST-EST result that SSI get ever!!! my god!!!
I am proud to be an ex-SSI-ian! (BUT note that,my results aint that fantastic!)
I am proud!! hehe! =D

however... xueqi also told me some very annoying things about the juniors...it's very dissapointing to hear these! CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE! how can you claim yourself as a student of SSI,a premier school somemore!! How can you treat your teachers like this?!! and, it's sangat meng-saddening-kan when you don't have the VERY BASIC respect to your teachers and you claim to be a student of a premier school...it's sad...
i know not all of them act like this...but..i just can't help to get angry when I hear such news...
bad bad bad!!!

results isn't everything! your attitude is how you present yourself to everyone!!

but still...A VERY BIG CONGRATS to my dear juniors!!=D

p/s...everyone gt holiday liao..but my examsss was just about to start...T.T it's time to study!! can't let down of SSI!! hehe~ bu ke yi diu SSI de lian~

Sunday, March 08, 2009


accidentally...I notice that my dad has more grey hair, my mum too....
有点sad... 忽然觉得,我爸妈。。。都老了。。。


just for fun!

Go photofunia and try it out!

Friday, March 06, 2009

here i am

yes...here I am...back at home and enjoying this very short and sweet holiday...
many events/things happen throughout this period...
CNY celebration, water crisis 2,ponggal charity night,CF retreat at port dickson,and now,water crisis 3...and lastly..I am home!!! happy!!! I feel blessed!!! =D
so many pictures taken in all these events...so,wait patiently...i need time to upload punya..k..

that's not important, important thing is I AM HOME~


Politics....is something very complicated....which i really sometimes don't understand why those politicians buat heboh banyak...
and,just now finish reading newspaper...Perak MPs actually held a meeting under a tree oh...
haha,that tree will be another tourist attraction lor~ (not bad ya,contribution to Perak's tourism)
next time got chance go Perak,remember to go and take pictures with the TREE oh~
our country's politicians...do you know how "good" is our economy?!
PLEASE,stop arguing!!!stop the talk!! get down to the real business!!
IMPROVE the economy!!!

从裸照风波,到我不是很清楚到底发生什么事 的 perak ,到Kugan's second post mortem,还有很多我不知道啦(困太久,没有看报纸的下场)
我真的觉得很反感。。。when will all these come to an end??


what the Pathologist discovered

read this....how do you feel?
I want to puke!! I feel disgusted!!!

V-shaped burn marks,hemorrhage in trachea, chest, spleen, stomach, the back of his neck and spine, and there were also signs of haemorrhaging in his heart. and a lot more...

oh my god
where is the so called "human right"??! where is the so called "justice"??! where is the so called "morality"??! *cry* *tears in my eyes* how do the police feel when they inflict such...such...pain on another human being...oh my god...what are they thinking in their mind...
天啊...我,不会形容我看完整篇article 的感觉。。。
我不会形容。。。我只懂,天啊,这些警察是人吗?are the polices human being? are they homo sapien? 这些像是动物都做不出的行为啊。。。天啊。。。不能接受。。。

I feel so sorry for Kugan's family...
at least, we know the truth...at last...


" oh, you are from JB? is JB dangerous? everytime i read newspaper, seems like JB gt a lot of robbery case,rape case,snatch case etc etc...is JB really that dangerous??"

本人的家的exactly外面就发生过2次掠夺、打枪。。。还有一次是kena 我老弟。。。
本人的邻居就是外国劳工,(不过幸好,so far 相安无事)

although...the crime rate here is super HIGH...but...i still like here..
for this is my home...
STILL,no where in this world is safe lah~


这篇是篇很rojak 的post。。。
太久没有上网blogging, 把闷在心里的。。。一次过吐完!(可能还没吐完的哦)