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Of Hindi Movie

昨天, 我看了生平第一部Hindi Movie!!! 是一部名叫 " 3 Idiots ” 的戏...不要看名字而下定论哦! 虽然名字翻译成华语, 不太好听...哈哈,但是,内容可是比"刺陵", 甚至有的人说比" Avatar " 还好看!!


3 Idiots (Hindi: थ्री इडीयट्स) is a 2009 Bollywood comedy film directed by Rajkumar Hirani. It was loosely adapted from the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. 3 Idiots stars Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor, Omi Vaidya, Parikshit Sahni and Boman Irani. 哈哈…我知道通通都是很陌生的明星的名字…我自己也不懂这些明星,他们到底有多出名呢…我也不晓得…

Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi), and Rancchoddas "Rancho" Shyamaldas Chanchad (Aamir Khan) are three engineering students who share a room in a hostel at the Imperial College of Engineering, one of the best colleges in India. While Farhan and Raju are average students from modest backgrounds, Rancho is from a rich family. Farhan wants to become a wildlife photographer, but has joined engineering college to fulfil his father's wish. Raju on the other hand wants to uplift his family fortunes. Rancho is a wealthy genius who studies for the sheer joy of it. However, Rancho's passion is for knowledge and taking apart and building machines rather than the conventional obsession of the other students with exam ranks. With his different approach Rancho incurs the wrath of dean of college, Professor Viru Sahastrabudhhe (ViruS) (Boman Irani). Rancho irritates his lecturers by giving creative and unorthodox answers, and confronts ViruS after fellow student Joy Lobo hangs himself in his dormitory room. Joy had requested an extension on his major project on compassionate grounds—his father had suffered a stroke—but ViruS refused, saying that he himself was completely unmoved by his own son's accidental death after being hit by a train. Rancho denounces the rat race, dog-eat-dog, mindless rote learning mentality of the institution, blaming it for Lobo's death.

Threatened by Rancho's talent and free spirit, ViruS labels him an "idiot" and attempts on a number of occasions to destroy his friendship with Farhan and Raju, warning them and their parents to steer clear of Rancho. In contrast, ViruS’ model student is Chatur Ramalingam or "Silencer", (Omi Vaidya) who sees a high rank at the prestigious college as his ticket to higher social status, corporate power, and therefore wealth. Chatur conforms to the expectations of the system. Rancho humiliates Chatur, who is awarded the honour of making a speech at an award ceremony, by substituting obscenities into the text, which has been written by the librarian. As expected, Chatur mindlessly memorises the speech, without noticing that anything is amiss, partly aided by his lack of knowledge on Hindi. His speech becomes the laughing stock of the audience, infuriating the authorities in the process.

Meanwhile, Rancho also falls in love with ViruS' medical student daughter Pia (Kareena Kapoor) when he, Raju and Farhan crash her sister's wedding banquet in order to get a free meal, in the process further infuriating ViruS.

Meanwhile, the three students continue to anger ViruS, although Rancho continues to come first in every exam, while Chatur is always second, and Farhan and Raju are inevitably in the last two positions. The tensions come to a head when the three friends, who are already drunk, break into ViruS's house at night to allow Rancho to propose to Pia, and then urinate on a door inside the compound before running away when ViruS senses intruders. The next day, ViruS threatens to expel Raju lest he talks on the other two. Unable to choose between betraying his friend or letting down his family, Raju jumps out of the 3rd floor window and lands on a courtyard, but after extensive care from Pia and his roommates, awakes from a coma.

The experience has changed Farhan and Raju, and they adopt Rancho's outlook. Farhan decides to pursue his love of photography, while Raju takes an unexpected approach for an interview for a corporate job. He attends in plaster and a wheelchair and gives a series of non-conformal and frank answers. However, ViruS is unsympathetic and vows to make the final exam as hard as possible so that Raju is unable to graduate. Pia hears him and angrily confronts him, and when ViruS gives the same ruthless reply he gives to his students, she denounces him in the same way that Rancho did over the suicide of Lobo. Pia reveals that Viru's son and her brother was not killed in an accident but committed suicide in front of a train and left a letter because ViruS had forced him to pursue a career in engineering over his love for literature; ViruS always mentioned that he unsympathetically failed his son on the ICE entrance exams over and over to every new intake of ICE students. After this, Pia walks out on the family home, and takes ViruS's spare keys with her. She tells Rancho of the exam, and he and Farhan break into ViruS's office and steals the exam and give it to Raju, who with his new-found attitude, is unconcerned with the prospect of failing, and refuses to cheat and throws the paper away. However, ViruS catches the trio and expels them on the spot. However, they earn a reprieve when Viru's pregnant elder daughter Mona (Mona Singh) goes into labour at the same time. A heavy storm cuts all power and traffic, and Pia is still in self-imposed exile, so she instructs Rancho to deliver the baby in the college common room via VOIP, after Rancho restores power using car batteries and a power inverter that Rancho had dreamed up and ViruS had mocked. Rancho then delivers the baby with the help of a cobbled-together Vacuum extractor.

After the baby is apparently stillborn, Rancho resuscitates it. ViruS reconciles with Rancho and his friends and allows them to take their final exams and they graduate. Rancho comes first and is awarded ViruS's pen, which the professor had been keeping for decades before finding a brilliant enough student to gift it to.

Their story is framed as intermittent flashbacks from the present day, ten years after Chatur vowed revenge on Rancho for embarrassing him at the speech night and promised to become more successful than Rancho a decade later. Having lost contact with Rancho, who disappeared during the graduation party and went into seclusion, Raju and Farhan begin a journey to find him. They are joined by Chatur, now a wealthy and successful businessman, who joins them, brazenly confident that he has surpassed Rancho. Chatur is also looking to seal a deal with a famous scientist and prospective business associate named Phunsukh Wangdu. Chatur sees Wangdu, who has hundreds of patents, as his ticket to further social prestige. When they find Rancho's house, they walk into his father's funeral, and find a completely different Rancho Jaaved Jaffrey. After accusing the new man of stealing their friend's identity and profiting from his intellect, the host pulls a gun on them, but Farhan and Raju turn the tables by seizing the father's ashes and threatening to flush them down the toilet. The householder capitulates and says that their friend was a destitute servant boy who loved learning, while he, the real Rancho, was a lazy wealthy child who disliked study, so the family agreed to let the servant boy study in Rancho's place instead of labouring. In return, the real Rancho would pocket the qualifications and the benefits thereof, while the impersonator would sever all contact with the world and start a new life. The real Rancho reveals that his impersonator is now a schoolteacher in Ladakh.

Raju and Farhan then find Pia, and take her from her wedding day to Suhas by performing the same tricks with his material possessions, and having Raju turn up to the ceremony disguised as the groom and eloping with Pia in public. When they arrive in Ladakh, they see a group of enthusiastic Ladakhi children who are motivated by love of knowledge. Pia and the fake Rancho rekindle their love, while Chatur mocks and abuses Rancho the schoolteacher. He asks Rancho to sign on a DECLARATION OF DEFEAT document. And sees that Rancho is using the pen which ViruS had gifted him. Chatur snatches the pen from Rancho and starts to move back. When Rancho's friends ask what his real name is, he reveals that his real name is Phunsukh Wangdu and phones Chatur, who has turned his back, and tells him that he will not be able to sign the deal with him because he has his pen. He asks Chatur to turn around meet his prospective business partner. Chatur is horrified and falls to his knees, accepts his defeat and continues to plead his case with Phunsukh to establish the business relationship he was after.

这个plot 是不是又点很长一下,哈哈哈… 我从 wikipedia copy 下来的…是有点太长了啦…简单的来讲,就是:

有3个好朋友, Farhan,Raju 和 "Rancho”,这3个好朋友在印度最好的 engineering college 求学,ICE (Imperial College of Engineering)...Farhan家境普通, 最大的兴趣就是摄影,尤其是 wildlife photography, 生平最大的梦想就是当个生态摄影师, wildlife photographer, 但由于父亲的期望,只好去读engineering… 而Raju, 家庭贫困, 有个瘫痪的父亲, 生病的母亲, 嫁不出的 sister… 而" Rancho” 则家庭富裕,天资过人, 读书喜欢活学活用, 厌恶其他学生以背书的读书方式,厌恶一个以考试成绩之上的 education system, 他对machine/ motor 等有 extraordinary 的 PASSION!!

有好人一定有坏人, 有一个同学,叫 Chatur,人称"Silencer”,是个读书狂…有时为了考试可以考获第一,会故意制造 distraction 去影响别人, 让别人考差一点,自己就可以 number one!还有一个好像是校长还是院长的人物,人称"ViruS” (他的名字的缩写) 就是一个成绩至上的人, 对"Rancho” 特别针对…

然后,当然,故事中间有不少他们3个好朋友的"历险"经验,搞怪,整人, 还有校长的挑拨离间, 甚至导致 Raju 身受重伤…还有" Rancho”和校长的女儿"Pia” 的邂逅… 有搞笑,有感动, 有亲情, 有友情, 有哭,有笑… (爱情只占了整部戏的百分之1…不要以为印度戏只是谈情说爱,在椰树下跳舞!!)

毕业后,"Rancho” 就没有消息了,好像人间蒸发一样… 原来, 毕业后, Farhan,Raju在经过Raju 受伤的经验后,都决定勇敢的去追求自己的梦想… 好几年后, 当大家都事业有成了, 想起怎么没有" Rancho” 的消息… 回到印度,才发现原来"Rancho” 并不是他的本名………并不是什么有钱人家的少爷……… 那他是谁?他在那里?

最后找到" Rancho” 了, 原来他开了一件学校, 教育偏远地区穷困的孩子, 并用自己的本名成了世界闻名的科学家!!!

我的看法: 让我对印度戏的印象彻底颠覆! hahahaha~ 我很少看 movie 会想看第二遍… Avatar 我也只是看过一次就算了, 刺陵连看都不想看! 他的笑点有不会太"傻" , 太 “stupid” 的那种! 感动, 真的是会哭的那种!

这部戏的经典名句: "All is well” 但是要念成印度腔一点" aal iss weell” ^^, 还有一句, 忘了发生什么事情需要 "Rancho” 十万火急的载 Raju 的父亲去医院是, (但第二天有考试) 对他的 Pia & Raju 说了一句, "exam a lot, but father only one!”

当然,整部戏是 Hindi 文, 我是靠 subtitle 来理解整部戏的啦! 还有, Hindi Movie 嘛,多少都有唱歌跳舞啦! ^^,


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无敌状元 NTV 7

想了很久到底该不该post 这篇 blog…最后决定post 吧!!

我那天真无邪的小弟,竟然三生有幸被选中代表学校参加有 NTV 7 主办的《无敌状元》华文时事与常识比赛…上电视哦!!!



由HSBC Bank 和 Besta 赞助

mandarin battle star

那身为我那天真无邪的小弟的大姐,我啊,托他的福,让我有幸见识到节目录影的过程…当然,节目现场的照片是暂时不能公开…只好从《无敌状元》FB 中copy 过来的图片啦!

P3260203 LOL,本小姐竟然有幸来到录影棚! NTV 7 录影棚的外观~


这老弟啊,和他的teammate 竟然糊里糊涂,从笔试选拔晋级到16 强,有不小心晋级到12 强… 其实我今天才刚看完他们12 强的录影,想不到,莫名其妙,他们这队又从12强晋级到8强了! 唉呀,宽二这会可…有的红啦!

NTV 7 无敌状元 homepage


其实,我想说的是今天录影是的一点小插曲…就是酱咯, 其中一位teammate 的妈妈问我,





"哦, 要考SPM 了咯!"




"哦, 我, 2..20岁"

(嗯,不习惯,怎么sound so old?!!!)




本人依然很不习惯承认自己是20岁了...感觉潜意识的我,还是17, 18岁! 哈哈! 真的,好像自从form 5 毕业,就没有"长大" 的感觉了…

20岁的我, 是不是生活该有点什么短期,长期目标呢? 是不是该学会至少装扮一下自己的 "门面" 呢? 是不是该累积多一点生活经验呢? 是不是该学会在这个现实的社会求存的待人处事呢? 是不是该趁自己年轻时,四处旅行,四处看看,扩大自己的眼界呢? 还有很多很多很多…怎么我现在觉得我好像在浪费青春呢?

我的20岁…竟然浪费了几个月困在这里, 天天对着电脑看戏…竟然每个weekend在烦没有事情做,要做什么好呢?


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女孩子长大了,也要有个大人样! 别了,羞涩的青春。:(

I can see a lot of spider webs at my blog edi..well..there's basically nothing much to update about myself recently...So, I've decide to share a passage that I've read at somebody's Facebook profile...basically,I quite like this's so true! I've received some really good forwarded e-mail passages,maybe next time I'll share it here!

Anyway,enjoy this passage!

女孩子长大了,也要有个大人样! 别了,羞涩的青春。:(

要经常对自己说,我也可以很勇敢。不要,千万不要,轻易在别 人面前掉眼泪。




5.答应自己的事情就要做到,该对自己狠的时候就要狠,切忌 优柔寡断、藕断丝连。

女孩子,要学会对自己好一点,别把所有的都投资在所谓的“潜 力股”身上。

过了20岁,别人不会再把你当小孩子,你的错误已不会再有人 包容。

然后在20岁生日的那天,对他们挥挥手,说声,我不再恨你们 了。

一个大企业的面试官曾对我说过,一个化淡妆的女生,企业会优 先考虑。

到你真的减到跟竹竿似的时候,你会发现低血压低血糖头晕目眩 一系列疾病同时伴随你。
过了20岁,你要知道,你以后的路还有很长,健康的身体是你 走下去的保证。


12. 是的,你已经达到法定婚龄了,可是你并不用着急着嫁人。
可是你才刚过20岁,你不知道一辈子到底有多长。日子是过出 来的,不是想出来的。
结婚,不是两个人的事情,是两个家庭的事情。老一辈讲的门 当户对,并不是毫无道理的封建思想。结婚,你应该抱着一 辈子只有一次的信念,所以挑选的时候丝毫不得马虎。恋爱,就 把它当成恋爱。结婚,慢慢来。


14.男朋友,宁缺毋滥。不要因为寂寞而恋爱,不要因为跟风 而恋爱。



最后.随时给自己准备一个微笑 告诉自己 我可以