Saturday, March 13, 2010

Namaste (Kannada) Vanakam (Tamil)

25022010(006) 25022010(009)edit

25022010(007) don’t envy Japan, we have our own sakura in Malaysia too!!!

well, currently I am stuck in this same old place…without good internet connection, without entertainment, far from civilizations, only that two 菜色永远不变的 cafe…and I am learning 3 languages that normal people wouldn’t learn…sigh…(and I’ve finished 2 drama series within 2 weeks…)

12032010 this is Kannada

12032010(002) this is Hindi

12032010(004) this is Tamil

12032010(005) 12032010(007) 12032010(008)

learning from kindergarden level…就像以前写生字笔顺..每天只是抄抄写写 but it seems like copying/ drawing some kind of pattern or symbols to me.. and learning their pronunciation “a, Aa…, e,Ee…, u,Uuu…,Ek, Eek…” finish vowels, now consonants,” Ka, KAa…Ke,KEe…” and the vowels writing is one form, the consonants writing is one form, and when consonants and vowels are combined together to form words it becomes another form..

for your information, there are more than 200 alphabets in Tamil, so you times three for 3 different languages…how many alphabets do I need to learn (and memorize) before I can form some small simple words..and do you expect me to remember all 3 different patterns of “symbols” while their pronunciations are all the same “a, Aa…e,Ee…,u,Uu…Ka, KAa, Ke,KEe…Cha,CHAa, Chi, CHIi…” wondering…will my mandarin be a bit “Indian-tone” next time? will I shake my head when I speak mandarin next time??

oh ya,by the way, there are 2 tests and 1 final exam within this 3 super duper boring months… o.O

in conclusion, this 3 months I’m gonna continue my “3R” process……


so, whenever we can step out of this far from civilizations’s like “I SEE LIGHT”!!! (but it needs $$$ though, for the heavy transport $$$)

** this picture was taken in front of my house!! after one week stuck in that place, I came back home during that weekend..after I turun from express bus,walking back towards my house and I saw this scene…isn’t beautiful and meaningful? hahaha…**


yesterday, went to send off my DEAR FRIENDS!!! CHING FANG and WAN YI~~~

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